Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Research Question: Blog Assignment #3

Does Social Networking cause a negative effect on the student population?

Considering this is a more recent topic of debate, I'm afraid it may be hard to find sources and/or studies about social networking. I feel as though social networking sites, particularly Facebook, have great effects on students (specifically in Middle School, High School, and college) compared to student populations in the past who didn't have access to such sites. I may end up finding a combination of good qualities and bad qualities that shape and mold the way students interact and function in their daily lives due to these websites. For example, I know for a fact that in my life Facebook is a considerable distraction to my homework and studying, but on the other hand I would feel completely disconnected if I didn't have one. I want to try to figure out what other negative impacts it may produce on younger populations because essentially they are the ones who have had it a majority of their life and do not know life without social networking websites. Since I only have ten pages to write, I probably will end up narrowing my topic further, but that will depend on what I find while researching. Social networking cites, the internet, and technology are continuously advancing, therefore the affects are always evolving. I'm interested to see what kind of information I find.

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